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Why Technical SEO?

Like a building’s foundations, technical SEO is the strong base great sites are built upon.

You wouldn’t start laying bricks without a well-cured concrete slab, would you? (Or an engineering plan, for that matter.) Websites work in the same way – but instead of steel pilings, your strength comes from speed. Architecture. Security. Meta Data. Alt tags.

Technical search engine optimisation is the tick list without which all the sparkling content and fancy ad spend are useless. A technically sound website is fast for users and easy to crawl for search engine robots. Speedy loads, detailed and consistent meta, clear menu hierarchy and strong security are all a hand-in-the-air “pick me, miss” to Google, making sure you’re first in line to the people looking for you. Best of all, all the exact same things make it easy for your customers to navigate you, too.

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