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Whether your 2020 pivot turned into the future of your restaurant or cafe, or have always had a strong pick-up or delivery offering, our artificial-intelligence restaurant messenger chatbot is ready to supercharge your takeaway business.

Takeaway chatbots offer a rich user interface that guides the customer through the ordering process, just like a waiter at their table would. Process and manage orders via live chat, including full payment, as well as day and time preference.

Be open to your customers 24/7 without compromising on work/life balance: a chatbot allows frequently asked questions such as opening times and menu viewings to be but a tap away. (Not to mention all whilst building your customer database.) Best of all it’s right there within the Messenger platform, which means zero app installation. Your busy customer doesn’t have to download anything new, cluttering an already busy smartphone homescreen with ANOTHER application that does. Only. One. Thing.

Ready to get started? So are we. Click here to give it a test run.

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