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Did you know 80% of video results come from YouTube Ads? That’s a lot of traffic you could be capturing.

Video ads turns viewers into fans, and fans into new customers.

Showing video ads may seem pretty sophisticated, but that’s the beauty behind YouTube Ads campaigns: they’re simple and effective. Choose between running a short video before or after related videos on YouTube or align your business’ video against other similar content. The important thing is you’re reaching people in the places where they’re open to and discovering new content.

You can target viewers based on their Google search history, and their viewing behaviours: that means your ads are in front of people who’ve recently searched for a similar product or service.

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Google Ads management involves a combination of tools and practices to make the most of your advertising campaigns. One key inclusion is the use of Google Ads management software. These are platforms that help streamline, automate, and optimise your ads for better results. They can offer detailed insights, reporting features, and the ability to manage multiple campaigns in one place. Additionally, with the rise of click fraud – where individuals or bots click on ads to artificially inflate costs – it’s crucial to have fraud protection in place. This ensures that you’re not paying for illegitimate clicks and that your advertising budget is used effectively. In simple terms, think of these inclusions like safety and performance gear for a car – they ensure a smooth, efficient, and safe journey towards your destination.

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