What’s the chat(bots)?

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What’s the chat(bots)?

What’s a Messenger chatbot and why would you want one? Here’s your crash course:

So what is it exactly? A Facebook Messenger chatbot is artificial intelligence that sits in Messenger and is able to complete tasks and obtain data via simulated conversation.

Huh? Think of it as a bit like Siri, but a Siri that only knows and can converse about your business.

Who would use it? That’s probably the easiest question to answer – your bot can strike up a “conversation” with anyone that has liked or commented on your business page. So you already have a subscriber base without lifting a finger. Plus Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion monthly users.

Okay, then what? Well, without going into too much techy detail, this Messenger chat leads your potential lead down a message pathway, depending on their answer. Think of it like a flowchart, or a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story from your childhood. Yes/No, multiple choice and freestyle user input are all available.

What’s in it for me? Firstly, the obvious bonus of engaging, immediately, with your user base. But secondly, thanks to clever tags and actions which we know about so you don’t have to, you can capture website addresses, emails, phone numbers and any other info you need to help target your products and services.

Sold. Sign me up. Only one thing for it… send us a message!

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