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Types of YouTube video ads


Types of YouTube video ads 1

1. TrueView (In-Stream or Discovery/In-Display)

TrueView video ads come in two forms, In-Stream and Discovery, also called In-Display. In-Stream video ads play before the posted YouTube video. In-Display video ads appear as a sponsored suggested video in the top right sidebar above playlists and YouTube suggested videos.

Both In-Stream and In-Display video ads can be any length since the viewer can decide if he or she wishes to keep watching. In addition, In-Stream ads are skippable with “Skip Ad” buttons appearing after 5 seconds.

Both options are pay per view though views are defined differently for each ad type; In-Stream at least 30 seconds or the full video, whichever comes first; In-Display, as soon as a viewer clicks to watch. Both can link to your site.

2. Pre-Roll

Pre-Roll video ads are non-skippable and pay per click. The shorter the better in this instance as most publishers are only offering 15 second videos.

In addition, given the pay per click pricing, 15-second videos are typically less expensive per click than TrueView in-stream ads. While TrueView video ads are best for branding and video views, Pre-Roll ads are ideal for sales campaigns.

The ad platform optimises for clicks while we, of course, continually look to trim the fat and improve the audience.

3. Bumpers

Bumpers are 6 seconds long, and combine elements of both of the above ad formats: non-skippable, but are pay per view.

They are cheaper per view than TrueView ads, and also offer click-through options. In addition, according to a study conducted by Google, 9 out of 10 90% of bumper ads drove a significant lift in ad recall.

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