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Performance max campaign assets

What you need for a successful campaign when it comes to Performance max campaign assets

To ensure a successful Google Performance Max campaign, you’ll need to prepare a range of assets that cater to different ad formats and placements. Here is a comprehensive list of assets to create for your campaign:

  1. High-quality images:
    • Landscape (1200×628 pixels)
    • Square (1080×1080 pixels)
    • Portrait (300×600 pixels)
  2. Short and long-form videos:
    • 6 to 15 seconds (short-form, suitable for YouTube bumper ads)
    • 15 to 60 seconds (long-form, suitable for YouTube skippable in-stream ads)
    • Various aspect ratios (landscape, square, and vertical)
  3. Headlines:
    • Short headlines (up to 30 characters)
    • Long headlines (up to 90 characters)
  4. Descriptions:
    • Description lines 1 and 2 (up to 90 characters each)
  5. Display URLs:
    • Shortened URL that represents your landing page (up to 15 characters)
  6. Final URLs:
    • The actual URL of your landing page
  7. Call-to-action (CTA) text:
    • Clear and concise CTA (up to 15 characters) that prompts users to take action
  8. Sitelink extensions:
    • Additional links to specific pages on your website, with descriptive text (up to 25 characters for the link text and 35 characters for the description)
  9. Callout extensions:
    • Short, value-adding phrases that highlight your unique selling points (up to 25 characters)
  10. Structured snippet extensions:
  • Predefined headers followed by a list of values that provide more information about your products or services
  1. Location extensions:
  • Business address, phone number, and other location information to drive in-store visits
  1. Logo:
  • High-resolution logo for brand recognition (preferably in PNG or SVG format)

By having a diverse set of assets ready for your Google Performance Max campaign, you’ll be able to create engaging and effective ads that cater to various placements and platforms. This will ensure better ad performance and a higher return on investment (ROI) for your marketing efforts.

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