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choosing the best images

5 tips for choosing the best images for your website

A picture speaks a thousand words. So dial that volume up to 11.

A website is a visual medium. Yes, it’s important to detail the ins and outs of your particular business, but first and foremost, visitors are attracted to images and colour. It’s a first impression like any other, so it’s crucial that it looks good. A harmonious blend of images, colour, white space and content placement will win out over one that looks like it’s been thrown together, or is a jumble of fonts and colours. Even if the service or offering is more relevant.

Here are some tips for selecting images to help get your business’ message across:

1. Choose quality images

Grainy, distorted or simply poorly reproduced photographs is an instant deal-killer. Make sure the images are crisp, clear and the right size for your site theme or your ad campaign, be it Google or Facebook. You want high-definition images, while also making sure they come in small file sizes. Large images are bad news for site load speeds.

2. Strive for originality

In the age of Instagram, consumers are more image-savvy than ever. Cheesy, smiling ‘customer’ stock photos are not doing your business any favours. Try and illustrate what what you’re trying to say on the page with a more conceptual or abstract image – say, a vintage phone for Contact Us or soaring balloons for your reviews page. Often, a stock photographer will have a series of images in the same style or with similar props and models, an easy way to give your website and ads cohesion. Cropping, filters, style and orientation should all be taken into consideration; having consistent photo style helps build brand recognition.

3. Feature people who resemble your target audience

It seems obvious, but well worth keeping in mind when advertising your business. Is your business aimed at the over-55s? Rethink those teen images. Have a surf brand? Suit-wearing execs might not be the way forward. People want to see themselves reflected in the happy, smiling faces they encounter online.

4. Share as much of yourself and team as you can

The more visitors to your site feel like they “know” your business, the more inclined they’ll be to purchase your product or service. Featuring professional photographs of employees “behind the scenes” or, even better, getting involved in a community event can set you apart from the competition. This can be especially effective in your About Us page, especially together with direct line access.

5. Less is more

People don’t want to be bombarded by photographs when they visit a site; the experience is confusing, disorienting, and generates a negative reaction. Always strive for a healthy balance of content and imagery – and the space between them.

Select images that work well with your logo and can be combined with any of your headlines, any of your descriptions and your landing page. The maximum file size is 5 MB and the supported file types are JPG, PNG and static GIF. You can crop the uploaded images to the required aspect ratios right after choosing the images.

We can always help you with any content needs for your business, but below are some creative guidelines to consider:

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